Today is just one of those days when my mind roams around (yes, it has its own busy life) and goes back fully-loaded plus some realizations and other thoughts on the side. On how you’re going to imagine how it happens, that I don’t know.

Today, it came back equipped with something different. Kinda weird but here’s how it goes:

Maybe, Love is just overrated
Love is not really everything
People exaggerate it and
Doesn’t really know what it means.

Love is more than the “I Love You’s”
Or a bunch of PDAs at the park or movie house
Love is patient, Love is cool
Love is all about growing together, APART, as one, and as a WHOLE.

How many times did I wish that I already found that one true love
But I think it’s kinda hard.

If only there are flashing neon lights hovering over one’s head telling if this person is the one
If only there are lurid signs that say that this person will become your future
It could have been easier right?

If only stars really collide
If only there are fireworks while you kiss
If only…
Then this waiting, these break-ups, these heartbreaks
Do not need to happen, they won’t even exist.

If only we can skip,
If only we can run,
If only we can chase
Then, there won’t be any time wasted.
Time would not be wasted.

Probably, now, Love is just really a word.
Truly felt at one point in time but does not really last for a lifetime.

End of Random Thoughts
I was that hungry.

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