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Revisiting Burot Beach, Calatagan

The last month of 2014 had been a very busy month for me – got team buildings and out of towns every weekend that I almost got tired. To wrap it off, we escaped for a relaxing beach getaway in Burot Beach, Calatagan.

For some quick facts about Burot Beach, click here.

I was with my whole family when I visited Burot Beach for the first time. And whenever people ask me about Burot Beach, I would always say how beautiful, accessible, and cheap it is to go there. I would always relay how I enjoyed the beach and how safe it is for the kids. I could say that I’ll give it 7/10; the 3 point deduction would only be because of the super dirty comfort rooms.

I admit, I am ‘maarte’ in terms of using public CRs but just like what I always say: “Mas okay sa’kin ang walang CR, kesa may CR pero madumi.” Probably that was also one of the reasons why I had some hesitations to go back to Burot with my friends – I just simply don’t think I can handle the CR anymore.

Anyways, the trip pushed through. We arrived there 2 hours past 12 and we immediately set up our tents under the tree. After having our lunch, we decided to explore the place.

Summer is here!

 At the rocky side of Burot Beach

The not so comfortable CR in Burot

Hotdog and Marshmallows Party at night. Woods for bonfire can be purchased for Php200

Since we are all used to working at night, we were all awake at 2 in the morning and were doing some chitchats and some party-parteey on one of the rafts. At around 4 in the morning, we saw a guy walking on the shore who was looking for some fish and shrimps.

At first, we did not believe that it is possible to get some along the shore. But hey, look!

Ahmm… we ended up buying these fresh “Sugpo” for Php150. Would you believe that??!

What’s for Lunch? — Buttered Prawns in Burot Beach

What’s new in Burot?
It seemed that they are now trying to maintain and manage Burot Beach; the entrance fee will now be paid at the gate. Same rate applies. Once you pay the entrance fees, you will be handed a piece of paper and a black bag (black trash bag is additional Php10.00, optional).

On the piece of paper states some simple reminders – the do’s and dont’s at Burot Beach. Below are the exact reminders:

Mga Bawal sa Beach
* Paghahakot ng kahoy na galing pa sa gubat at dadalhin ng mga bisita sa beach proper, mga bushes para sa bonfire
* Bawal magkalat sa beach, maglagay ng kanya-kanyang plastic bag para sa inyong basura – tirang pagkain, plastic, cigarette butt
* Alagaan ang mga puno sa beach, ingatan ang mga bagong tanim na hindi mapinsala at bawal magsiga or magsindi ng apoy malapit sa mga puno.
* Bawal kumuha ng starfish sa dagat para sa anumang dahilan.
* Huwag hayaang iwanan ang inyong mga tents na nakabukas at walang nagbabantay. Kung aalis man ay kailangang may maiwanang magbabantay sa inyong mga gamit.
* Ingatan ang inyong mga pagkain sa galang aso’t pusa. Ito ay hindi pagmamay-ari ng beach kundi gumagala at nanginginain lamang.
* Lahat ng mga dala-dalang gamit ay sa inyong pangangalaga; walang sagutin ang beach sa anumang mawawalang gamit.
* Kailangan ng kooperasyon ng mga bisita para sa katahimikan lalo sa oras na ng 2:00AM hanggang 5:00AM.
* Lahat ng tricycle na susundo sa bisita ay hanggang gate lamang. Matapos na maihatid ang bisita sa beach ay di dapat umistambay.
* Walang tricycle driver na papasok na amoy alak.
* Walang bangkero na makikisalamuha sa mga bisita.

Maraming salamat po!
– Management”

Other Updates:
Henna Tattoo is now available for Php100. The artist roams around the beach and shouts, “Henna! Henna po kayo!”. He carries around this clearbook of henna tattoo samples. You cannot haggle. Period.
– Presence of various stores. They claim they have everything that you need – kikiam, ice cream, merienda/snacks. 🙂
– You may now rent a griller for Php100.00.
– Island hopping is now for Php500 per boat.

So since in a few months time, summer is here; why not try to visit Burot Beach? Burot is one of the best beaches near Metro Manila. Enjoy!

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Update as of June 2016: Burot Beach is no longer open for public.

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