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That Place Called Sagada: Of Fog, Tea, Momma Spits, and Pag-Ibig

“Para sa mga umibig, nasaktan, ngunit umibig pa rin. You know, tatanga-tanga.”

– That Thing Called Tadhana

I wonder how many people embarked on a sudden road trip to Sagada after watching the romantic film, ‘That Thing Called Tadhana.” Funny though, ‘coz of this adorable movie, it may now be valid to cry while on a bus somewhere. For sure, a lot of people tried to look for that famous juicy hotdog at one of the stop-overs too. And last but not the least, hmmm… I wonder how many girls flocked to Mt. Kiltepan to cry out, “Ayoko na! Ang sakit-sakit! Ayoko Na!”

So here’s your quick guide to Sagada Province to guide you in your ‘That Thing Called Tadhana-ish’ trip:
Para sa mga umibig, nasaktan, ngunit umibig pa rin. You know, tatanga-tanga.
Para sa mga umibig, nasaktan, ngunit umibig pa rin. O para lang sa mga gusto lang talagang pumunta ng Sagada.

Sagada in Mountain Province is 275 kilometers north of Manila. It can only be reached via Baguio or Banaue. Via Baguio – From Manila, take Victory Liner. Ideal trip would be 10:00 PM so you will reach Baguio around 5AM. From Victory Liner Baguio, ride a cab to Dangwa Terminal (less than 10 mins travel time). GL Liner has 4 daily trips to Sagada (Fare Php220); you may take the first trip which is scheduled every 6AM. The bus ride to Sagada is approximately around 6 hours with 3 stop overs. It’s a long WINDING scenic journey, so make sure to take Bonamine (I had to take one, sleep, take another tablet, and sleep again. That’s how winding it is!) The bus will stop in front of the Sagada Municipal Hall; here’s where your journey starts. 🙂

“Gusto kong mag-Baguio.”
Not really sure why Baguio and Sagada are always on top of the list of the heartbroken. It could probably be the weather – the tranquility and coldness in Sagada. The 0% crime rate (so it’s kinda safe for the ‘tuliro). Or it could probably the mere reason of going somewhere no one knows you; somewhere you are allowed to cry and be weak. Naks! Spell deep, spell hugot. 
O baka naman sa dahilang para yung tipong kapag nag-emo ka, may fog-fog effect pa! Bongga di ba! Bonggang #Feels!
Where do broken hearts go nga ba talaga?
Taken at Mt. Kiltepan, Sagada Province while waiting for the sunrise.
“Paano ba makalimot? Gaano katagal yun? One year? Two years? Three? Four? Five?”
While waiting for yourself to move on, you can stay at the following. Take note, moving on cannot be done overnight. Ideal stay in Sagada would at least be 5 Days and 4 Nights.
* George Guest House (Main Building & Annex)
Contact Nos 09185480406,09209483133,09206070994,09399020996

* Residential Lodge Sagada
Contact Nos 09196728744

* Misty Lodge
Contact Nos 09994459899

* Rock Inn Cafe
Contact Nos 09209095899

* Travelers Inn
Contact Nos 09207992960

“Ang bottom line, hindi ka na niya mahal.”
And I say, “Dahil ang pag-ibig ay parang Tsaa, kahit gaano kainit, lumalamig din.”
I can say that “Sagada Tea” is one of the attractions in this small quaint town. All of the restaurants/eateries in Sagada offer tea. My favorite is the one being sold in Persimmon Cafe. That’s the best Sagada resto for me! 🙂

You may also try the following:
* Log Cabin

* Lemon Pie House

* Yoghurt House

“Pati sa ketchup naaalala mo siya?… Naaalala ko siya sa lahat.”
Let go of the memories that you once thought were too good to forget. Create new memories. These will replace the old… these new happy memories will replace all the pain. Start by doing these activities:
* Pay a visit to St. Mary’s Church

* Watch the sunrise at Kiltepan Peak

*Explore the Sumaguing Cave

* Visit the Lumiang Burial Cave

* Learn something new at Sagada Pottery

* Spend an afternoon at Lake Danum

* Watch the sunset at Lake Danum

SAGADA ITINERARY (5 Days-4 Nights)

Day 0 (Thursday)
10:00PM  ETD Victory Liner Edsa

Day 1 (Friday)
04:00AM  ETA Baguio City
04:30AM  Dangwa Terminal (Lizardo/GL Transit)
06:00AM  ETD Baguio to Sagada
11:00AM  ETA Sagada Municipal Hall
11:30AM  Check-in at George Guest House
12:00NN  Lunch at Masferre Restaurant
01:30PM  Book tours and guides at SAGGAS and at Municipal Hall
02:00PM  Tour Sagada (Sagada Weaving, St. Mary’s Church, Souvenir Shops, Make a reservation at
                 Log Cabin for Saturday Night Buffet)
04:30PM  Merienda at Lemon Pie House
06:00PM  Dinner and Inom-inom at Sagada Pine Cafe

Day 2 (Saturday)
02:30AM  Rise and Shine!
03:00AM  ETD Van to Kiltepan Peak
05:30AM  Watch sunrise at Kiltepan Peak
07:30AM  Breakfast at Rock Inn’s Cafe Bodega (can include Orange Picking activity if in season)
08:30AM  Back to George Guest House (chill and prepare for Lumiang Cave and Spelunking)
09:30AM  Visit Lumiang Burial Cave
10:00AM  Start Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave
01:00PM  Lunch at Pinikpikan Haus
02:00PM  Back to George Guest House (chill and prepare for Lake Danum)
03:00PM  ETD Van to Sagada Pottery-Lake Danum
03:30PM  ETA Sagada Pottery
04:00PM  ETD Sagada Pottery to Lake Danum
04:30PM  ETA Lake Danum
05:00PM  Watch sunset at Lake Danum
06:30PM  ETD Lake Danum to Sagada Town Proper
07:30PM  ETA Sagada Town Proper. Dinner at Log Cabin.
08:45PM  Back to George Guest House

Day 3 (Sunday)
05:30AM  Rise and Shine!
06:00AM  Sunday Mass at St. Mary’s Church
07:15AM  Breakfast at Yoghurt House
08:00AM  Enjoy Sunday Market (Try Halo-Halo w/ Macaroni.)
10:00AM  Visit the Hanging Coffins at Echo Valley
11:30AM  Lunch at Salt and Pepper
01:30PM  Other tours (Options: Bomod-ok Falls, Bokong Falls, Sagada Underground River)
05:00PM  Chill at Persimmon Cafe
06:30PM  Dinner at Misty Lodge Cafe

Day 4 (Monday)
04:00AM  Rise and Shine!
05:30AM  Check-out at George Guest House
06:00AM  ETD Sagada to Baguio
12:00NN  ETA Baguio
12:15PM  Lunch at Good Taste
01:15PM  Buy Tickets at Victory Liner Baguio
02:00PM  ETD Baguio to Manila
08:00PM  ETA Manila 🙂

Contrary to usual budget concern, a trip to Sagada is not just for bourgeois (Burgis!). I only spent around less than Php5000 for this 5 Day-4 Night Sagada trip (including the pasalubong).

So how about you? “Pag may dumaang shooting star, anong iwi-wish mo?”
Ako, sana makabalik ako ng Sagada. 🙂

Unless otherwise stated, all #Hugot lines are excerpted from “That Thing Called Tadhana”, a Pinoy romantic comedy film intelligently written and directed by Antoinette Jadaone.
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