Surprisingly, everyone was wide awake and prepared at 1:30 AM – one proof how everybody badly wanted to witness the sunrise at the summit. After making sure that everyone was equipped with their own headlamps or flashlights, we started our “Super Early Trek” to the summit.

Warning: the trek to the summit is 99.99% ASSAULT. One should be on 4×4 (trekking while on both hands and feet).

Of course, we did not have a lot of pictures during this dangerous trek. Full concentration and a lot of team work were strongly needed since the elevation of the trail was abrupt and consistently steep. It was totally a different experience wherein a good strategy on when and where to step plus which branches or root to hold were the secrets; attention to falling rocks was also a must!

The trek from Papaya River campsite to the summit took us around 3 hours and 15 minutes. It was a tedious and challenging climb that we were all nervous of our own safety for every step and assault we made.

It was too tiring to the nth level but immediately when we reached the summit, we were all speechless — it’s all worth it.

We were all left in awe. It was soooo rewarding.

Beautiful Tarak Ridge
A beautiful mix of colors in the sky. Wow!
His 2nd summit.
1st time to witness Sea of Clouds
I would forever be grateful of these candid moments.
A treat for my brother before he enters college.
This was indeed a Happy Climb. Thank you God for this safe and fun climb. πŸ™‚
Truly, this Tarak Climb was a success!
We will definitely go back and try to camp at the grassland; next goal – Sunset, Star Gazing, and Sunrise at Tarak.

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  1. What a beautiful mountain…and an exhilarating adventure! We should climb this mountain when we visit Luzon. Do you have a contact details of your guide, itinerary, and budget? Thanks!

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