Flora and Other Random Shots in Tarak
Flora and Other Random Shots in Tarak

Flora and Other Random Shots in Tarak

Sharing some random shots in our most recent climb in Tarak Ridge…

Our recent climb to Tarak Ridge in Mariveles, Bataan could be considered as one of my favorites. Its trail and campsite are one of our favorites and could be ranked next to Pulag’s.

I love these colorful tiny flowers. 
These flowering trees are very abundant along the trails of Tarak.
While trekking in Tarak is considered as one of the most challenging because of its unlimited cardiac assaults, this can also be regarded as a stroll in a park due to its rich vegetation.
Cute Bright Red Fruit-Looking Balls. Not just sure if they’re edible though

The scent of these flowers and the rich vegetation adds up to the “I am one with nature” feeling. All throughout the trail, one will have the opportunity to commune with the aroma of the different trees; and the feeling is just so amazing! There are a lot of interesting stuff one can see along the trail and some of them even smells like those colognes and perfumes with fruity scent that are commercially-available. Anyways, Zalora carries perfumes from designer brands.

Looking forward to our next climb!
Do not forget, always practice the ‘Leave No Trace’ principle.

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