Itinerary update as of May 31, 2015.

Mt. Mariveles
1130+ MASL, Major Climb
Difficulty: 4/9 Trail Class: 3

Things to Consider in Planning:
* Expertise/Climb Experience of Joiners
* Weather
Make sure to consider these things since Mt. Mariveles is a major climb; definitely, this is not advisable for first-timers. The trail to Tarak Ridge is very steep, one should go on 4×4 (on both hands and feet while climbing). Also, it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the weather updates before and on the date of the climb. Camping at Tarak Ridge is not advisable when it is raining.
Days Needed: 2 Days 1 Night
Day 0
02:00AM  Assembly at Makati
02:15AM  ETD Makati to Bataan Transit Cubao
02:45AM  ETA Bataan Transit Terminal
Day 1
03:00AM  ETD to Mariveles, Bataan
06:00AM  ETA in Brgy. Alas-asin, Mariveles
06:05AM  Breakfast at Alas-asin
06:30AM  Registration at Alas-asin Barangay Hall
06:45AM  Start Trek! 🙂
07:15AM  Stop-Over at Nanay Cording’s
07:30AM  Start Trek to Papaya River! 🙂
10:30AM  ETA Papaya River
11:00AM  Lunch at Papaya River
11:30AM  Rest, Fill all water containers
12:00AM  Start Trek to Tarak Ridge
05:00PM  ETA Tarak Ridge (Set up Camp)
05:30PM  Wait and watch sunset at Tarak Ridge
06:30PM  Dinner/Socials
08:00PM  Lights Off 🙂
Day 2
04:00AM  Wake-Up Call
04:30AM  Start Trek to Summit
05:00AM  Wait and watch sunrise
06:00AM  Start descent to Tarak Ridge
06:20AM  ETA Campsite
06:40AM  Start descent to Papaya River
09:30AM  ETA Papaya River
09:45AM  Have fun at Papaya River 🙂
10:30AM  Lunch at Papaya River
11:00AM  Have fun at Papaya River 🙂
12:00AM  Start trek!
02:30PM  ETA Nanay Cording’s
03:00PM  Back to Jump-Off. Wash.
04:00PM  ETD Mariveles to Manila
07:30PM  ETA Cubao/Manila 🙂

Stop Over at Nanay Cording’s Place

Bus Fare Cubao to Mariveles……….Php272.00
Bus Fare Mariveles to Cubao……….Php272.00
Registration Fee………………………….Php40.00
Fee at Wash Up Area…………………..Php20.00
Total Budget……………………………….Php604.00
Guide Fee…………………………………Php900/group
* No need to pay another registration fee at Nanay Cording’s
* Make sure to get at least one contact at the registration
* Guide is not really needed. Minimal chances of getting lost.
* If camping at the ridge, make sure to bring sufficient amount of water. There is no water source at the ridge. The only water source in Mt. Mariveles is the Papaya River.
* If all bus to Cubao is full, another option is to take a mini-bus to Balanga. At Balanga, there are 2 bus terminals bound for Manila – Genesis and Bataan Transit.
* If camping at the ridge, make sure to bring extra pegs and jackets. The wind at the ridge is very strong.
* Most ideal campsite is at the Papaya River.

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  1. hello po.. aakyat po kami sa mt tarak this may 20..anyone would like to join.. pm me on facebook po neil thranduil.. we are from pampanga.. at kong meron po kakilala na tour guide pls pm me also..thank you po

  2. +63 915 065 8930 shoot me a message planning to ahon this may 20 & 21 in Five Fingers overnyt. Tara na bes papayat. Around metro MNL here

  3. Along edsa north bound sa baba ng monte piedad foot bridge.Five Star bus terminal..may byahe dun BATAAN TRANSIT byaheng mariveles..madadaanan un alas asin

  4. Hi @GraceSantiago! Balak ko umakyat sa Sat, Feb 17. Magisa ko lang. Day hike lang. Join ako sa inyo. Here is my number: +639284824060.

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