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Surfing in Baler: Riding the Waves of Baler, Aurora

Baler is one of the surfing spots in the Philippines. It is considered as the oldest surf communities in the Philippines and is being considered as the birthplace (or origin) of surfing in our country.

There are a lot of surfing points in Baler – Sabang Beach, Cemento Beach, Charlie’s Point, and Lindy’s Point. Sabang Beach is perfect for beginners.

Riding the Waves of Sabang Beach
I never thought that there would ever be a chance that I’ll try surfing; I am quite scared of the waves plus I really do not know how to swim like a pro that was why I never dared to. But as the saying goes, “Life starts at the end of your comfort zone”, so….

Pink on Yellow 🙂

For Php350 only, I got an hour board rental with instructor. I’m kinda nervous since it was my first-time; I’ve been wanting to try this since I find surfers soooo hot. Oops! Well, I just want to belong. Just want to try if I’ll look hot too. :p

Surfing lessons are being conducted by surfin’ locals

Rate is Php350 for an hour surfboard rental + surf instructor. If you’re a pro or a legit surfer and there’s no need for an instructor, rate is Php200/hour, Php400/half day, and Php800/whole day.

After a 15-minute surfing lesson for beginners, you are ready to roll…

Like this…

But surfing ain’t easy for everyone, there would be dozens of time that you’ll be wiped out and get tumbled off your surfboard. Yes, surfing life is not easy.

I can no longer count how many times I did drown myself and how many liters of saltwater I did consume. It’s kinda tiring and exciting at the same time.

Since a lot of surfers are super duper hot with their six-pack-abs…
“Akala ko pag dinikit ko yung tiyan ko sa surfboard, magkaka-abs din ako. Badtrip, hindi effective!”

Ehem, my turn. 🙂

Oha! Oha! Sumakay ka pa! 😛

You may surf in Baler all year round but the surfing season here is from September to March when big and best waves come in.

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