Ideal Gifts for Travelers this Christmas 2015
Ideal Gifts for Travelers this Christmas 2015

Ideal Gifts for Travelers this Christmas 2015

They say that when September comes, which starts the ‘ber’ months, time flies so fast and all we know is… it’s Christmas. Everyone gets to be too busy with a lot of things – parties, gift buying, shopping, family get together, etc.

Since many people (‘millenial’ or not) nowadays are into traveling, let me share you some ideas on what to give them this coming Christmas Season.

1. Wanderskye Travel Covers
A very creative way to express oneself… well, the traveler’s way. Wanderskye is proudly a Filipino brand. Its dedication is to bring fun, unique, and practical travel accessories for everyone. The products of Wanderskye are designed by local artists. Price is Php1,195 only.

Wanderskye Travel Covers allow discerning travelers to protect their luggage 
and travel in style at the same time
(Photo grabbed from

2. Travel-Inspired Tees
What type of traveler are you? Show it by wearing a travel-inspired T-Shirt. Since traveling is in, a lot of companies are now including travel and places in their fashion collection. Good move! 🙂

 Philippines’ 7,107 Islands by Uniqlo

Cool Shirt by Souvenir Republic. Price is Php295.00 only.

3. Cool and Quirky Bags

4. Loudbasstard
Loudbasstard is an innovative eco-friendly bamboo speaker amplifier. These bamboo speaker amplifiers are carefully handcrafted by Cebuanos in Cebu, Philippines and are being distributed and applauded in the international market. Price is Php1,348.85 only.

5. Scratch Map
Scratch off all the places you have visited in the Philippines. Well, maps are more fun in the Philippines!

This cool map is for Php1,350 only.
(Photo Credit: Quirks Novelties & Curiosity’s website)

6. Coin Banks
Sure! Coin banks will inspire you to save more for your dream destinations or upcoming getaways. Wish it works like Slots Heaven, it will double or triple the savings though. Slots Heaven provides wide range of exciting gaming opportunities.

Anyways, these nifty cute travel fund coin banks below are available in Papemelroti stores nationwide. Price is Php79.00 only.

(Photo Credit: Papemelroti’s website)

7. Travel-Inspired Wall Decors
These wall decors will definitely complete the wanderlust atmosphere of a travel enthusiast’s room. Do not worry! These wall decors are not heavy – they are made of medium density fiberboard (composite wood product). Price is Php698 only.

P.S. This is not your ordinary wall decor. 
You can pin your travel memories on this ‘Map Your Travels Board’ 
(Photo Credit: Papemelroti’s website)

8. Ahon Gaiters
Ahon Gaiters are pair of garment or special fabric that are being attached to the opening of the shoe to prevent different particles such as sand, small rocks, and dirt to come in. These shoe accessories protect our traveling feet from blisters or hot spots. Ahon Gaiters provide extra comfort too.
Have you decided what to give your traveler friends? I hope I am included in your list. 🙂


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