Where to Stay in Quezon City: Summit Hotel Magnolia
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What happens when you’re all drained out after a week of work, work, and work? You and your body badly want a STAYCATION, right? A perfect weekend staycation where in you do not need to go far just to relax… … Read More

Dreamin’ of Winter Wonderland: Why I Dream of Iceland
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It might be because of the famous popular computer game way back in 90’s, Iceland, that triggered my curiosity of this place. Iceland, a place, which I thought is made and surrounded by ice and glaciers only (yes, I took … Read More

Aldub’s ‘Tamang Panahon’: ‘Kilig’ Photos and Videos at Philippine Arena
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October 24 is totally a day filled with happiness and good vibes as thousands of #AlDub fans gather at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Philippine Arena is considered as the World’s Largest Indoor Arena. Built in a 140-hectare tourism enterprise … Read More

Getting to Know the 3 Faces of Bohol: A First Timer’s Tale
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After our 1-day-stay in Cebu City, we headed to Bohol to spend the rest of our annual barkada trip. me and my friends at Pier 1 Cebu at 5:30am For rates and daily schedules, visit Ocean Jet’s website. We board … Read More

Where to Stay in Baguio: List of Hotels, Transients, Lodges, Inns, Etc.
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WHERE TO STAY IN BAGUIO:Since Baguio would always be my favorite place, here is an updated directory of accommodations in Baguio City. The following Baguio accommodations are highly recommended based on personal experience (depending on the budget). Contact information and … Read More

7 Easy Steps to Get a Philippine Passport
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So, it’s time…You suddenly realize that you want to go farther, higher…But, there is one problem.Hmmm…You don’t have a passport. 🙂 How to get a Philippine Passport?Here’s some simple tips on how to get a Philippine Passport just in time … Read More

National Museum of the Philippines: Museums & Galleries Month-Long Celebration This October!
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The National Museum is the cultural repository center of the Philippines that preserves our country’s rich artistic, historical, and cultural heritage. Inside the National Museum lies the national cultural treasures of the Philippines – a collection of the best of … Read More