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Getting to Know the 3 Faces of Bohol: A First Timer's Tale

After our 1-day-stay in Cebu City, we headed to Bohol to spend the rest of our annual barkada trip.
me and my friends at Pier 1 Cebu at 5:30am
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We board the Ocean Jet at around 6 am. With an approximate travel time of 1 hour and 45 mins, the ship docked at Tagbilaran Port around 7:30 am. The Tagbilaran Seaport (aka Tagbilaran City Tourist Pier), is very clean and spacious. The terminal outside the port is amazingly organized even it is filled with vans, cars, and other private cars for rent.

Without further a do, Lesgow Sagow!

Day 1 – Chasing the Countryside of Bohol

Blood Compact Site

– is a historical site in Bohol where Rajah Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi had a blood compact to end their war. (Oha! Oha! may historical tidbits! Pero honestly, mas gusto ko siya makita kasi nagshoot si John Lloyd and Bea dito nung isang movie nila, hihi amsari naman!)

 photo session sa Blood Compact Site

Baclayon Church

– this is Philippine’s 2nd oldest church. The place is very surreal; you’ll feel something different while inside – unexplainable. Hmm.. Creepy? Or maybe, because the church is just really too old and there’s no light inside.

For those wearing sleeveless and short shorts, you’ll be asked to wear sarong.

Prony the Python

– Well, to be honest, meeting this GIANT snake was that part of our trip that I’m not really excited about. I was even trying to convince my friends not to include this in our itinerary. I’m really scared of snakes, BIGTIME!

FYI: Prony is the largest and youngest python in captivity here in our country.

Obviously, I failed to convince them.
See? Grabeng kapit ko sa friend ko. Super nakakatakot kasi! Haaist!

Loboc River
Loboc River is one of the main destinations in Bohol. Here, visitors enjoy a sumptuous lunch buffet on a relaxing cruise.

Don’t ever miss this!!! Hindi ka nag-Bohol pag hindi mo pinuntahan to! 🙂

Aside from the treat of fresh air and the river’s natural beauty, visitors are also being entertained with Boholano songs.

Promise! Medyo nakaka-LSS ang mga folk songs ng Bohol!

Chocolate Hills
Tsararan! I guess everyone knows Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills is the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. It consists of thousands of 30-50 meter high hills (around 1, 268 in total) found in the municipalities of Carmen, Sagbayan, and Batuan. These hills are covered with grass; during dry season, they turn to brown and appears like a bunch of chocolate. 🙂

Weeheehoo! Nakita ko na rin ang Chocolate Hills sa personal!

Hanging Bridge
The Hanging Bridge is located in the upper area of Loboc. This foot bridge is made of bamboos and steels which is initially used by the locals to cross the river going to the main road. About 20-25 meters above the river.

Since, it sways every time someone crosses the bridge, ang sarap niya ugain lalo na pag takot yung mga kasama mo. 🙂

Tarsier Sanctuary at Carmen
One sure thing that excites anyone to visit Bohol is to see tarsiers. Bohol has alloted 143 hectares to protect the Philippine Tarsier, which is now an endangered specie.

Tarsiers are the world’s smallest primate.

We have to sneak around since tarsiers are nocturnal in nature. Though, they are very harmless and small, they tend to jump from one tree to another when disturbed.

Yehey! We found 1! Cuteness!
Tarsiers are really tiny and got super big eyes too!

Man Made Forest
The Bohol Man-Made Forest is a 2 kilometer stretch of rainforest with mahogany trees as the main features. It is located along the towns of Bilar and Loboc.

Day 2 – Chasing the Islands and Dolphins

Panglao Island
– the most famous beach in Bohol. We stayed in Panglao. Ironically (and surprisingly), we did not notice that we have not taken any photos here.

Pamilacan Island

– this is where you can have some dolphin watching. You need to be here as early as 5:30 am.

Yes! After 48 years, we saw them up close. Hihih!

Balicasag Island
– the go-to island for snorkeling. While approaching the island, all you’re going to see are shrubs on the shore; you won’t even notice that there’s a lighthouse nor establishments on the island. Balicasag is also the most or should I say the ‘only’ recommended place to eat lunch by your boatman/guide – the food is pretty expensive.

Approaching Balicasag Island

Hindi ako mataba, mataas lang talaga buoyancy ng katawan ko. 🙂

Virgin Island
– the bomb! the best part of the beach/island hopping in Bohol. The sand here is so white and powdery. It was my first time to see a sandbar. 🙂

Best time to go here is during low-tide.

Day 3 – Chasing the Adventure

E.A.T. Danao
– a whole day should really be allotted if going to Danao. It is quite far from the Bohol town proper which is also the reason why Danao is not usually included in most of Cebu-Bohol itineraries. E.A.T. Danao is located along Buenavista-Carmen-Danao-Jetafe Road, Bohol. 

It is far but is definitely worth the long and bumpy journey.

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