Dreamin' of Winter Wonderland: Why I Dream of Iceland
Dreamin' of Winter Wonderland: Why I Dream of Iceland

Dreamin' of Winter Wonderland: Why I Dream of Iceland

It might be because of the famous popular computer game way back in 90’s, Iceland, that triggered my curiosity of this place. Iceland, a place, which I thought is made and surrounded by ice and glaciers only (yes, I took its name literally). Since then, my curiosity gets bigger and stronger; I started to do some research. I got fascinated with the beautiful pictures that I am seeing all over the web.

Beautiful! I really want to see myself here.
Image from Wikipedia 
Where is Iceland? Take me to Iceland!

Iceland is located at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Artic Oceans. It is just now that I realized that there is a lot to discover and to explore in Iceland.

East Iceland
– home to the country’s largest forest, small islands, and lush farmlands. This is where the fishing villages and natural harbors are found. Also, magma chambers are all over the place filled with colorful mineral deposits.

West Iceland
– this is the most diverse part of Iceland. This region consists volcanoes and waterfalls. Valleys, craters, and glaciers are must-visits as well. It is also said that experiencing this part of Iceland is like a Journey to the Center of the Earth… and that is what I want to know why.

Northwest Iceland (also known as Westfjords)
– this corner is largely uninhabited and is relatively unspoiled. This is the ideal spot for bird watching. Museums about witchcraft, monsters, and creatures from the sea are also found here. 

– home to Iceland’s most visited tourist attractions. Here you will see a lot of waterfalls, glaciers, and several other natural wonders. There are also a lot of museums in this area which features the testimony of authentic Icelandic customs and heritage.

– this peninsula is being considered as a geothermal wonder of the country. Several geothermal areas have been identified with high-temperature that it can generate electricity.

Indeed, there are really a lot of places to visit in Iceland but what I really want to do first is this…

to take an Iceland Ice Cave Tours.

I had developed this fear of visiting caves when I visited the Underground River in Puerto Princesa but good thing, it was immediately removed and was able to redeem myself from that fear when I explored the Sumaguing Cave in Sagada, Philippines.

I badly want to have a photo like this in my cute pink sweater of course. Wooh!

The view is simply stunning. Sure, seeing this closely will definitely leave me speechless.

Seeing these photos gives me a totally different excitement; it’s like being sent on an expedition by NatGeo. I am hoping and praying to be given a chance or at least a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Iceland.


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