Diplomat Hotel: A Glimpse at a Haunted Hotel in Baguio
Diplomat Hotel: A Glimpse at a Haunted Hotel in Baguio

Diplomat Hotel: A Glimpse at a Haunted Hotel in Baguio

I have been hearing a lot of terrifying stories in Baguio and there are really a lot of old buildings, hotels, and even tourist spots where they say a favorite spot for ghosts too. Whenever I see old buildings in Baguio and I am starting to feel a little scared, I always try my best to divert my attention. Baguio is one of my most favorite destinations in the world and  I do not want to entertain the fact that it is a haunted place.

Super scary hallway inside Diplomat Hotel

Visiting a haunted place has never crossed my mind; I am the type of person who would never prefer to watch suspense or horror movies. So just imagine how long my blogger friends convinced me to go inside the Diplomat Hotel, it was not even part of our original itinerary anyways.

Since I didn’t want to be alone waiting for them outside the Diplomat Hotel, I didn’t have any choice but to go with them. Wooooh!

Let’s do this!

A friendlier image of Diplomat Hotel. Enticing.

Diplomat Hotel Front View

Ready to go inside?

The Diplomat Hotel’s Main Entrance
As much as possible, I really did not want to take pictures. I love my camera so much and I didn’t want it to capture any ghosts or any scary stuff. But since I am already inside the haunted hotel, the rustic view of the walls was a delight to a photography enthusiast like me.
It was too scary to try to pip outside these windows. The feeling was unusual…
It was too creepy probably because according to urban tales, they throw the dead bodies through these windows.

It took me 3 years to write about this Diplomat Hotel experience because to be honest, I never had the guts to look at the pictures for a couple of minutes – that’s how scared I am. For the nth time also, my screen froze everytime I attempted to edit the pictures. Buti na lang matapang ako today! Congratulations to me! 🙂

Pero promise di na ako papasok ulit dito.

Thanks for the photos guys! 🙂
The BFat Gang
and Byron of Peculiar Hours

How about you? Would you dare go inside the Diplomat Hotel?


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