I am known to be so “kuripot” and yes, I am one of those who take a long time to decide where to spend their hard-earned money. A lot of times, I do things myself to avoid paying extra; even when I travel, I prefer to do my trips DIY (Do-It-Yourself) to stay within my budget.

Being online most of the times exposes me to a lot of deals online and for someone who loves to travel so much, I get easily attracted to different Facebook Pages offering cheap travels (most of them I have not heard of), travel websites, online travel booking, etc. I tell you, there are hundreds of them but actually there’s only one of them that stands out and we trust ever since – Deal Grocer.

The first time I have learned about Deal Grocer, I was quite hesitant to book a deal with them since their name/brand itself is a bit sophisticated. It is not as popular as the two other travel booking sites that most people know; I thought booking a travel deal in Deal Grocer is expensive… well, I was wrong.

Deal Grocer stay true to its word – Redefining the way you spend

Deal Grocer, The Website
The site is pretty easy to use – it does not have a lot of complications. You just have to log in and voila! You’re good to go!

Deal Grocer also gives all the gist or everything that you need to know about a certain travel deal, contact details, and even the most recent reviews from Tripadvisor.

Deal Grocer, Redefining the Way You Spend
As what I have said earlier, Deal Grocer seems like very sophisticated compared to others. Why? All of their deals (Dining, Getaway, Hotels, and Beauty) are all premium and top of the line; the deals and partners are well-chosen. The hotels and destination getaways in Deal Grocer are only those that can be tagged and captioned as “Yamanin!” but sssh, offers are usually 40%-50% off the regular price. Like most of us have been used to, now, getting a cheap travel deal does not have to be accompanied with compromised services. Deal Grocer ensures that its customers are getting premium services and VIP treatment. No extra effort to book a hotel reservation – just tell ’em you have a Deal Grocer voucher, book the date you want, and that’s it!

My Mom’s morning view at Domicillo. Oh di ba, yamanin!

Taal Lake seen from Domicillo

Unlike any other brands, which seem to be very grateful if you won’t be able to use your voucher, Deal Grocer seems to have a dedicated tracker of all the vouchers/deals purchased and takes care of their customers even after sales. I tell you, they have been very consistent – from the time that I was not able to use my Premium Pedicure and Foot Spa on time to helping me out in rescheduling my reservation in one of our staycations in Domicillo.

Eyeing another Deal Grocer Getaway. Will save some bucks for this.

So for your most-awaited and most-deserved holiday vacations, make sure to steal the good travel deals in Deal Grocer!

Happy New Year!

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