This famous wind farm in Ilocos Norte uses wind turbines to produce electricity. An Ilocos Trip would not be complete without seeing this.

 The most popular caption when in Bangui Wind Farm? “Ang laki ng electric fan!”

There are 20 wind turbines along the 9-kilometer-shorline of Bangui Bay. They are all huge; one would even have a hard time capturing the whole height of the turbine in a photo.

Seeing these giant wind turbines should be included in any Ilocos Itinerary. Just put it like this, “Hindi ka nakapunta ng Ilocos, kung hindi mo nakita ‘to.” Anyways, this is for free – no admission/entrance fees, no environmental fees, or whatever fees you may call it.

A well-deserved selfie at Bangui Wind Farm

Please take note that swimming in Bangui Bay is not advisable since the wind and waves are pretty strong.

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