How to Travel More This 2016
How to Travel More This 2016

How to Travel More This 2016

Every now and then, each of us would like to escape and just simply go and get away. Probably, we just want to travel. Probably, we just want to explore more places. Probably, we want to experience more of life. Or probably, we just really want to spend our hard-earned money somewhere else. Yes, each of us has our own different reasons; reasons that do not need neither any validation nor a logical explanation.

This year, I am turning 30
Yes, I am turning 30. OMG! I am turning 30. This is unbelievable!
I thought once I turn 30, I am going to look old. I am going to look mature and all the words that will come out of my mouth are all ‘words of wisdom’. Nice! And that, my friend, was my vision before on how I will look and how I should be when I turn 30. Haha

I actually have a couple of days left before my 30th birthday and I have not seen any rapid changes on my looks or on how I talk. Damn! I still love to play around. I know some people of this age start planning out their wedding – where to’s, how to’s, etc. and here I am drafting and planning my “where to’s-how to’s” of my upcoming trips.

Anyways, before getting any melodramatic here (oh my gosh! I am having some birthday blues again!), here are some tips on how to travel more this year (‘coz that is all I want to do this year):

1. Plan ahead!
Let’s go ahead and forget the spontaneous trips. Why? One goes out of his or her budget since the trip is unplanned. There are a lot more tendencies or huge possibilities that one will spend more.

2. Sharing is Caring.
Have you heard about couchsurfing? Well, I have not tried it yet but I would love to. There are a lot of communities or groups in social media sites that offer couchsurfing for travelers and/or backpackers.

3.  Stop thinking that traveling is for rich people only.
If you are going to wait for you to be rich before hopping on a plane, a bus, or a boat, then, you would never ever have that chance to travel and see more. Just like how the saying goes, “Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.”

4. Wants vs Needs. Basic vs Luxury.
Have a reality check from time to time and ask yourselves first before purchasing something. Is it a want or a need? Do I really need it? Do I really need or is it just this newest ad tells me that I need it or make me want it? Let’s slash off the luxury and just go for the basic. There are always more to life than the latest and most fab gadget in town.

5. Make small sacrifices everyday.
Or at least on a regular manner. Instead of buying your meals from the fastfood everyday, why not prepare home-cooked meals for work? In this way, you are going to save not just a hundred bucks or two, you can also make sure that it is healthier too.

Another small sacrifice is instead of taking a cab or Uber when going to work, you might want to do some stretching and have a walk. You may also use the local/public transportation instead. It may remove a little bit of your convenience and comfort but at the end of the day, it will be really worth it.

6. Goodbye Starbucks.
Nuff said.

7. Join Travel Bazaars or Travel Expos.
Do not be afraid to join and explore travel bazaars. You would not be forced to buy anything once you get there. It would all be up to you if you find the offers helpful and affordable. In travel expos, hundreds of travel agencies such as Traveloka Philippines showcase their different destination travel and tours. I have attended a number of travel bazaars and I must say that it’s worth the visit.

8. Build a Travel Fund
Save, save, and save. In this way, you would not see travel as a luxury. Building a travel fund has  helped me for how many years now. One does not need to directly touch his or her work salary to travel really; you just need to save those change. In one way or another, you would not notice that you have already saved up enough for a trip to your dream destination.

9. Just do it.
And last but not the least, just do it. Just travel. Travel anywhere. Travel where you want to go. Travel where your feet bring you. Travel where your heart tells you to go. If we would keep on waiting for the right time to travel, the right time may not come. So what are you waiting for? Just grab up your bag and book for a trip.

Have a happy and safe travels this 2016! 🙂


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