Narra Hill Tagaytay: One of Airbnb's Best
Narra Hill Tagaytay: One of Airbnb's Best

Narra Hill Tagaytay: One of Airbnb's Best

We’ve been eyeing Narra Hill for about more than a year now. It has always been booked every time we try to make a reservation. So, when we saw that it’s finally available – in a blink of an eye, we found ourselves going to Tagaytay for our much deserved R&R.

Indeed, Narra Hill is a concrete sample of “What you see is what you get”. I took the same shot I have been seeing on their website – and it left me in awe.

Make sure to wake up early to witness this.
Totally amazing!

All photos are taken using my mobile phone Sony Xperia Z1 Compact; I decided not to bring my cameras despite the fact that successfully booking Narra Hill is a rare chance. Why? I simply wanted to get my much deserved rest. I wanted to sleep, sleep, eat, and sleep. Anyways, you can avail their body massage too, which, our group did.

The place is a perfect spot to relax, appreciate nature, and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll get what I’m saying once you get a taste of Narra Hill’s exclusivity. The entire place is serene, quiet, and secluded – a perfect destination for those who want a real “Me Time”. It’s also a big plus that they serve GREAT food. Tip: Do not plan to go out once you check in, simply avail and have Narra Hill set up a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal. Promise, you guys won’t regret it! 

Would you like to get up when you have this stunning view right in front of your bed?

Breathtaking view from our kubo’s balcony.
Want to have your perfect weekend staycation? Book now! Narra Hill is located at Laurel, Tagaytay, Philippines. Enjoy! 🙂

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