Going Travel Loco Over Traveloka
Going Travel Loco Over Traveloka

Going Travel Loco Over Traveloka

For the past two years, it seems like I have lost my interest and excitement on airline seat sales. While everybody is spending sleepless nights booking for different Philippine and/or international destinations, I am already satisfied with the thought of seeing other people luckily booking themselves some. I can see them flooding my Facebook timeline with hashtags like #blessed, #SeeYouSoon*Insert destination here*, #seatsale, #PuyatPeroWorthIt, and so on. I also lost the hope in getting big discounts on booking hotels; I am already satisfied with the thought that my reservations got free breakfast, free WIFI, and ahmmm… free cancellation. It seems like anything more than that is next to impossible. To be honest, I could also say that it could be equated to losing interest to travel – or should I say losing interest to no interest at all. Anyone in my age would probably agree. I won’t be pushing my luck to get cheap flights or budget hotels. I would not trade a good night sleep just to get myself some petty discounts. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking right now, I am a certified #TitasOfManila.

Good thing, Traveloka came to the rescue!

I can no longer remember when and where I heard about Traveloka. Probably, it started when they featured Chasing Philippines as one of the Filipino Travel Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Inner Wanderlust. See here:

I got curious and started using it – I find it more legit and is user-friendly too compared to other travel discount sites. No need to waste hours just to book a flight during seat sale, Traveloka will show the cheapest flights available from different airlines. Yes, cheapest flights from different airlines are being shown so there is really no need to go to their websites one by one. So, see? Traveloka does not simply save you a lot of money but it saves a lot of your precious time too. I booked my first flight (Singapore) and I was so happy because aside from the discounted rate due to seat sale, I also got an extra Php500 off my total bill. Isn’t it amazing?

In short, I got addicted and kept on booking. I even downloaded the Traveloka App on my mobile phone to make it much much easier for me to book my flights and hotels in no time.

Download the Traveloka App – it is available in App Store for Iphone users and Google Play for Android users.

Caution: It’s addicting. It’s a must-have travel app.
Cool and simple user interface right?
It is very easy to use. Simply type in and select your destination, check-in date, duration, total number of guests, and number of rooms. And whoala! in less than a minute, hundreds of recommended hotels will show on the search results.

You may even filter your searches by star rating, budget, luxury, and location.

Traveloka is not into surprises, secret messages, and hidden charges; they divulge all the information up to the smallest details. It’s a one stop shop – no need to jump from other websites to check rates, reviews, and exact location. By using Traveloka, the user can immediately see the images of the hotel, room details, reviews, hotel and cancellation policies.

Once you selected your hotel and your preferred room type, you may now proceed to reviewing your booking wherein you will be required to enter your name and contact number. At this page, you may include your special requests too (if you have any).
Booking your hotels via Traveloka is very convenient. This newest and most powerful hotel and flight booking app offers a lot of payment options: 1) credit/debit card 2) over the counter and 3) bank counters. Another good news, there’s no convenience or booking fee in any of these options!
And last but not the least, and one of the greatest advantage of Traveloka, make sure to key in the promo code. On a regular basis, Traveloka sends promo codes which you can use to get additional discounts on top of their discounted rates.
Take my word, subscribe to their email newsletters, or probably like and follow their Facebook Page. All of their promo codes are working. The most recent promo code that I used trimmed down my total from Php4,698.28 to Php2,523.71. Big savings, right? 
Lastly, immediately after a few minutes of your purchase, a voucher will be sent to your email. Purchase confirmation will also be sent through email and SMS.
Traveloka is so easy and safe to use!
So stop searching and start booking. Let your love for travel be renewed.

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