Street Art in the Philippines
Street Art in the Philippines

Street Art in the Philippines

By nature, the streets in the Philippines are vibrant and lively anytime of the day. For a country, which has once known with the happiest people in the world – that is definitely no wonder. On the other hand, if we are talking about the Street Art in the Philippines, we could probably only name a number. Yes, the street art scene in our country is seemingly young. It could probably be because of its different connotation with some tagging it synonymous with gang graffiti or simply vandalism per se for a long time.

Good thing that the artists nowadays relived and gave a new light to Street Art. Not to mention, that these creatives are pretty successful not just by doing their craft but by also opening the minds of everyone, making them revisit the Street Art in the Philippines. Everyone is now open and appreciative in seeing colors in the streets. Locals and even tourists are delighted to see these works of art and are even taking a snapshot. Philippines’ Street Art scene is on its consistent run and is starting to boom. It is all over the internet and social media and is even considered as one of the best attractions found in different localities. Yes, believe me, some folks even travel for how many hours just to take a photo of these works of art.

Want to see some proof? Look at these!

Who’s who?
Having the street art as one of BGC’s main tourist attractions, 
more and more people are drawn to roam around the busy city
BGC (Bonifacio Global City) is gaining its popularity due to these colorful art pieces. These creations are mostly highly-commissioned done by Filipino and international artists. Featured are different styles, hues, graffiti paint markers, hues, and sizes (some can even go as high as 70 feet). They are all promising and are definitely a treat for everyone. Indeed, they are all refreshing that tired corporate slaves, joggers, and visitors around the area make a stop to have a peek and give their eyes a treat.
photo grabbed from Arts at BGC Facebook page
A 70 feet high canvas art work of Kris Abrigo. This is also the largest street art mural painted by a Filipino artist  
Other Street Art works can also be found along EDSA, Nagtahan Bridge, Intramuros, Marikina, and Makati. Have you seen any awesome street art somewhere? Share them here.

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