Traveloka App: The Game Changer in Booking Cheap Flights
Traveloka App: The Game Changer in Booking Cheap Flights

Traveloka App: The Game Changer in Booking Cheap Flights

So I have gone from my recent trip with my friends and there I realized a lot of things – how I really love to travel, how trips make me happy, and last but not the least, how I want to share the same happiness to my friends and loved ones.

Turning one’s love for travel into reality is not easy for everyone. Traveling could be expensive at times especially when there is no sufficient planning and assistance given. These are the usual reasons of people especially those with a regular  9 to 5 jobs why they fail to travel within their budget which make them spend a lot or not to travel at all.

There could be a lot of travel guides and even travel booking sites everywhere but I tell you, most of them are either too commercialized and overrated; they aren’t really helping. For me, some sites and apps are simply into traffic, download counts, and user info but then again, do not really help the users score some cheap flights. Plus, that’s not all – some travel booking sites/apps do love that annoying email spamming too. With all these, those who are into travel should be careful and wise enough to use a legit and working travel booking app that could help them.

Good thing, Traveloka, a travel booking app, which I think is the fastest-growing travel booking site/app is becoming more and more popular especially to frequent and budget travelers. It totally changed the game of booking your flight and hotel needs. It is 100% legit and is very useful; the flights are very competitive. From thousands of possible results from different airlines such as PAL, Cebu Pacific, TigerAir, Jetstar, etc, the Traveloka app shows the most suitable flight based on your preference (eg date of flight, time, airline, and rate).

It is very easy to use too – so perfect for those folks looking for their last-minute flight needs. Flight purchase would not even last for 5 minutes, how cool and quick is that right?

In no time, you won’t notice that you are already at the confirmation page.
You may pay through credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Over the Counter (7-11, M Lhuillier, and Cebuana Lhuillier), or through bank deposit (BDO, BPI, Metrobank).

To give the customers a more convenient experience, Traveloka added the Price Alerts feature. This feature saves the customers more time since they do not need to keep on checking cheap prices for their preferred cheap flights. All they need to do is to set it up – add the flight details, alert type, and alert frequency. Once the settings have been successfully saved, customers will be notified via email or push notifications.

Another thing that sets Traveloka App apart from other travel booking apps is the booking promo codes they generously send out to their users and followers.

There are always something to be excited about Traveloka Emails
And who’s not gonna go nuts if the already cheapest flight you score is still qualified for an additional 20% to 50% discount? Believe me, I was able to slash off another thousand from the total rate below by simply entering the promo codes of Traveloka. Well, it pays to be subscribed and a Facebook follower 🙂
Indeed, Traveloka has changed the game in booking travel deals. Try it on your next booking, Traveloka App is available in Google Play and Apple Store.


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