5 Restaurants in the Heart of New York, Which You Should Visit with a Girl
5 Restaurants in the Heart of New York, Which You Should Visit with a Girl

5 Restaurants in the Heart of New York, Which You Should Visit with a Girl

Coming back from a trip to the US, you realize that you want to return to New York and want to share your impressions with your beloved one. New York is not just architecture, a wonderful park and people, amazing with their individual styles, it’s also a gastronomic paradise. Some places you do not want to visit anymore and some others you love, and are not afraid to advise anyone, who will be in the heart of tourist New York. You can even show them to the girl you love. Visiting cafes or restaurants can become a problem if you do not know where to go without wasting time and money, when the tips on Foursquare show the same ratings in a couple of dozen places at once. It’s also one of the most popular stereotypes about Ukrainian women—the fact that they enjoy tasteful cuisine (and this one is pretty much truth, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it).

The Smith.
This restaurant is located in the Nomad area at 1150 Broadway (at the intersection with 27th Street). You will not have any problem to find it. Here is a truly modern American cuisine, extremely friendly waiters, excellent breakfasts, delicious Americano and the ideal pancakes. Talking about dishes, you are strongly recommended to try Steak Salad and Beef Short Rib. Portions are huge but you will not be able to stop and not to eat everything!

Brasserie Cognac.
If you are looking for a cozy place for dinner with your sweetheart, this place is an ideal option. New York has a problem – there are too many different places, and sometimes you cannot just believe in Foursquare tips because it simply does not make sense. If you decide to visit this French place, you will get great pleasure. The restaurant is a five-minute walk from Central Park at the 1740 Broadway. You are strongly recommended to try onion soup, scallops, salad with octopus and cocktail French 75!

Cull and Pistol.
It is located in the popular Chelsea Market. Notwithstanding its location, here you will find not only adequate (if not ridiculous) prices for seafood, but also one of the most delicious dishes for the entire trip. The place is small, everyone is sitting pretty tight, but the atmosphere is very pleasant. You are strongly recommended to try Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings, Grilled Octopus and Lobster Ramen. If you visit this place once, it can easily become a favorite place for both of you.

The Modern.
The restaurant is located in the Museum of Modern Art MoMa. It is beautiful, expensive and very tasty. The only difference from most restaurants in New York are portions, which are quite small here, so if you and your girl are making a search of a hearty meal, you should better choose another place.  Nevertheless, here you should come for a light dinner and spend a wonderful evening with your beloved girl and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. You are strongly recommended to try the tastiest seabass and the cauliflower soup.

Joseph Leonard.
This is a tiny restaurant with one of the highest ratings in the neighborhood. You can find it, walking along the area of the West Village. Inside the restaurant, there is a very friendly atmosphere, as if all visitors are the heroes of the series “Friends”, who every day come to the same small bar or a coffee house and sit there for hours. The lunch menu is as simple as possible, but every dish makes you literally fall in love with itself! You are strongly recommended to try Caramelized Cauliflower, Farro Salad and make sure to specify what the special is today.

In New York, you are able to find almost every cuisine of the world in its best varieties. Here you can find something that you or your girl have not tried yet. Do not miss a chance to try something special and to spend another wonderful evening in a cozy place with your beloved girl in this diverse city. 

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