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    Well…After my colleague returned from vacation more exhausted than before, I decided not to repeat his mistakes. Instead of hiking and public transport, I rented a motorbike, by the way, all customers of the Cat Motors are insured http://catmotors.net/health-and-life-insurance/, which makes the trip safe. So, I put all the business away, turned off the phone, and it made my rest without bustle and haste, I enjoyed the restaurants of Thai food, which are really good. After 3 weeks I returned to work in a good mood, and with a beautiful tan.

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    Renting a 125cc scooter per day with insurance will cost between 200-250 Baht (8-12 USD). If you take it for a longer period you can negotiate a price, for example I rented my 125cc scooter for 2500 (70 USD) for one month. Prices vary slightly from place to place but generally I found them all to be pretty similar.. Monthly motorbike rental Chiang Mai https://sakurarental.com/ Mae Ya Waterfall become clearly one of the better waterfalls we noticed in Thailand, and it regarded to us to be the pleasure of the Chiang Mai province.

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