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Exotic Tourist Destinations That Will Strengthen Your Feelings

Summer is the season that everyone has been waiting for. Especially when you have somebody to spend your vacations with. They can either be friends, colleagues or your beloved family. But spending summer holidays with your beloved person is a whole new level of fun. Of course, you may expect sensual trips to local restaurants (trying exotic food for the first time is always fun), romantic walks and crazy nights on the beach or in the clubs, whatever you are up to.
Sometimes we spend too much time with our partner, so you feel like separated trips would only strengthen the bonds of love between you two. But that’s very risky – we all know about vacation flirting and how easy everything happens when you are formally single. So why not trying other options like holiday that have some spice to it. If you used to travel solo, find a companion among travel girls for dating. Come on, you need to shake it up and place yourself in some crazy circumstances. We need some funny and horrifically embarrassing situations that your friends would be so excited to listen over a coffee. Get prepared to hear top-5 crazy places that will only attract you stronger to each other:
1. Visit one of the most famous nudist beaches in Caribbean Sea. Orient Bay is the place for those people, who are not afraid of judgment. Even though you probably haven’t been on such a funny expedition, you might want to try to go nude for a day – it’s so risky and exotic. Once you two take off your clothes, you realize that Caribbean tourists are people without prejudices, you will also understand what call of nature is. Besides that, it’s one more story to share (not with your parents, though).
2. Get married in McDonalds. Although it seems like a joke, if you visit Hong-Kong, you can undergo a unique experience of such an unusual wedding. Everyone has heard of one-minute ceremonies in Las-Vegas, but this one is ten times funnier! Already, three Hong Kong McDonald’s restaurants, whose golden arches have become one of the main symbols of American culture, are beginning to accept applications for the “McWeddings” (weddings at McDonald’s). “At traditional weddings, the bride and groom eat cherries and then kiss. At our weddings, the newlyweds will eat fries and kiss “, – quotes South China Morning Post representative Helen Chang.
3. Visit Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. Serengeti is the most famous park in Tanzania. On the vast plains and meadows you can often see how the lions hunt for cloven-hoofed animals. The Serengeti Park is also famous for the great migrations of zebras and antelopes of wildebeest commence in the Masai Mara. If you feel adventurous, you can sign up for an interesting safari and bring home lots of stories and photos.
4. Go on an unforgettable diving tour. Traveling to Thailand with one of the best Russian brides is an unforgettable experience. Diving in Thailand is one of the most popular entertainment. The main region for diving is the Andaman Sea, the starting point is Phuket. There are diving centers on Koh Chang, but it’s more for the inexperienced divers and beginners. Chang is mainly positioned as a place for snorkeling. Here you can see lots of exotic and very beautiful animals like sharks, turtles and different ocean fishes.

5. Become ninjas in Japan. Ninjas are secret agents of feudal Japan. Over time, they disappeared, but in Tokyo there is one of the few remaining ninja senses, including one that straightened at once with the 13 members of the Yakuza. Training can be difficult, but you will learn to be a true shinobi. What an unforgettable journey for you two. 

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