Honesty Coffee Shop in Batanes is not your ordinary cafe. It might look like a typical small carinderia or sari-sari store in the neighbourhood, but trust me, Honesty Coffee Shop is one-of-a-kind.

Honesty Coffee Shop sits along the National Road in Ivana, Batanes
right beside the Ivana Port
Living up to its name, the Honesty Coffee Shop is always open and welcomes ANYONE. It is unmanned which means there is no manager, no cashier, and no waiter/waitress to attend to your needs. Guests do everything on their own – from making their own tea/coffee or preparing their snacks to computing the total bill and paying the RIGHT AMOUNT. The owners simply trust everyone who comes in.

A stop at Honesty Coffee Shop was both refreshing and weird at the same time. I, for one, felt so happy and excited to see how it looks like knowing that there is still a place here in the Philippines that trusts its customers in full-scale. The concept and practice is simple but it is quite weird because this is how difficult to find HONESTY these days. Sadly, especially now, HONESTY, is simply something that we’re ALL wishing and looking forward to see.
Come and visit Batanes to see Honesty; they have zero-crime rate by the way. Aside from Ivatan’s honesty, they are also known to building strong houses that have been tried and tested amidst multiple cyclones. Incredibly, they use available natural materials that could be cheap surface for sports areas but really lasts long.
P.S. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR ‘EX’ HERE , baka di sya makapasok. :p


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