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6 Highlights Of The Manila Resorts

There’s much to see and do in the Manila area, but the main attractions these days are undoubtedly the resorts. In fact, the famous resorts and casinos in the area only seem to be gaining popularity. An article posted last autumn cited increasing visitation, mass penetration, and a strong local economy as reasons for revenue growth at the Manila casinos, which in turn will only make them better and more appealing than ever.

If you haven’t actually been to this part of Manila however, chances are you see it only in a vague way, as an over-the-top tourist trap or a Las Vegas imitation. To be fair, it is both of these things – but it’s also a very fun area to explore, which is why we’re taking a look at some of the highlights.

1. Nobu Restaurant

If you’ve heard of Nobu, it’s because this is a famous chain – though don’t let that detract from its reputation. It’s right up there with the most high-end chain restaurants in the world, and it’s no surprise that the establishment at City Of Dreams Manila has a stellar reputation. There’s one more restaurant further down this list, but Nobu’s advanced, modern preparations and classy crowd makes it quite the experience.

2. The Nuwa Spa

In any area with a focus on casino resorts there are going to be several different spa options. And frankly, in “Entertainment City” in Manila you can take your pick. But we like Nuwa (also at City Of Dreams), due to the fact that its design is a little bit less traditional – though no less relaxing – than some of its counterparts.

3. The Okada Table Games

It’s a given these days that you can find casino games online and don’t really need to seek them out in person. And in some cases – as with slots, jackpots, etc. – the experience online is just as good or better. You can also find dozens of the most popular card games and table games on the web, but these just don’t quite stack up to the in-person experience. For that reason we’d highlight the Okada Casino and its 500-plus table games as one of the best gaming attractions in the area.

4. Cove Manila

As is the case with any self-respecting casino resort hub, the Entertainment City area in Manila is home to its share of exciting nightlife venues. Cove Manila is an incredible example associated with the Okada. It’s essentially a beach club and nightclub rolled into one, and situated mostly under a giant dome. With food, drink, exciting lighting and live performances from major artists, the club has a little bit of everything.

5. The Resorts World Mall

Many people don’t fully realize how much shopping is a part of the casino resort experience until they actually visit a world-class resort. In the case of Manila, the shops at the Resorts World mall are a major draw, providing everything from clothing jewelry to perfumes and liquors. It’s an area worth looking around in, even if you’re not much for shopping in general.

6. The Midas Café

Described on the Midas Hotel & Casino website as offering an ambiance of “casual sophistication” and catering to culinary masters, The Midas Café is another incredibly alluring restaurant in the area. It’s essentially a gourmet café set up in an attractive, open space and designed to cater to all manner of different tastes.

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