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7 Reasons to Choose a Serviced Apartment

What could be easier than sleeping in a hotel? Well I’m here to tell you that serviced apartments offer a number of great reasons to forgo your tradition choice.

In recent years its seems non hotel accommodation is a growing global trend and it’s about time you got on board with the idea too.
Read on below and I will let you in on my top 7 reasons to choose a serviced apartment.
It’s cost effective
You might think that renting an entire serviced apartment would cost much more than a simple room in a hotel. On the face of it might be but if you take into account all the other savings you will be making you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
Being able to cook for yourself, having somewhere to wash you own clothes and simply having  a nice place to hang out in the evening will save you a small fortune.
Plus if there are more than one of you in your travelling party you’ll likely find you are even more pleasantly surprised. Most hotels charge a per person rate, serviced apartments charge a flat rate. So if you are travelling as a group, or as a family you might end up saving a bunch.
The privacy & security
One of the best reasons to opt for a serviced apartment is the privacy such a choice allows. Unlike a hotel where you will constantly be bumping into other guests and have to be on alert for housekeeping knocking on the door at all hours. In a serviced apartment you are completely free to do whatever you want. If this includes being as messy as you like or sleeping in until 3pm, then so be it.
Plus you don’t have to worry about security, nobody is going to enter your apartment without your expressed say so. Most good serviced apartment will provide secure entry, 24-hour CCTV and some form of door staff to keep you safe and sound.
The concierge
Serviced apartments are called serviced for a good reason, as most provide a 24-hour concierge service. A one person encyclopedia of local knowledge, concierge’s are on hand, day or night, to answer questions and help guests with travel and social arrangements.
Think of them as a human version of your iPhone’s Siri. Plus in our experience they tend to be amazing characters full of smiles, stories and bonhomie.
There’s more space
Unless you splash out for a suite in a hotel, you’re almost guaranteed to have more space in a serviced apartment than you would in a traditional hotel room.
In a conventional hotel you often just get the bedroom and bathroom, in a serviced apartment you get just that – an entire apartment. That means multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, sitting rooms and even a kitchen.
Being able to move between living spaces just as you would at home means you will feel much more free and relaxed. It’s especially beneficial if you’re travelling with kids and need some space to allow them to play while you get down to some work.
It’s better for work
Hotel rooms are often a terrible places to try and get any work done. After fifteen minutes it feels as if they walls are closing in.
Anyone who knows anything about efficiency will tell you not to combine your work space with your sleeping space. So laptops on your bed are a big no no. Yet, if you’re anything like me I’m sure you’ve done this countless times in hotel rooms.  
Improving your sleep as the Sleep Advisor [SA] suggests, will make everything better the next day whether you’re in town for work, relaxation or play.
In even the smallest serviced apartments there will likely be a table or desk in one of the other rooms, meaning you can separate your sleeping area and your place of business. This will do wonders for your productivity and will help stave off feelings of cabin fever!
It’s better for your diet
I love eating in restaurants (who doesn’t). But I don’t want to do it every night of the week!
It gets exhausting, and pricey. Especially if i’m also eating my lunch out and about too.
This is exactly what you have to do well staying in a hotel, unless you are willing to splash out of the extortionate rates they charge for room service.
Being in a serviced apartment means you have your own fully-functioning kitchen and can take control of when and what you eat. This will save you a small fortune on restaurant bills. Even if you are only in town for a short time.
Should you wish to head on the town to sample the local delicacies, then you still have that option. Plus, if you or your traveling part happen to have any special dietary requirements being able to cook for yourself will take a lot of the strain of this.
Worried you will miss not having your hotel breakfast, well some serviced apartments even include breakfast too.
It’s more relaxing
Don’t like getting hit of by creeps in hotel bars (who does?), in a serviced apartment at the end of a long day you can sit back on the couch in your underwear and watch Game of Thrones. What could be better than that I ask you? Nothing is the answer.
Well, there you have my friends, my top 7 reasons why you should consider a serviced apartment for you next trip. Believe me you won’t regret it.
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