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Enjoying the Best of Bali

Bali’s scenic vistas, iconic landmarks, and cultural treasures are simply not to be missed out. Every year, this magical Island lures millions of travelers from across the world who book cheap flights to Bali to enjoy a perfect summer travel destination. After all, there are plenty of amazing things to do and see in Bali.

Still, you need to know what is the best of Bali and enjoy the Island of Gods. There are fantastic beaches, stunning nature and lovely people. Book Singapore Airlines flights to Bali to enjoy the Island of the Gods. Here is what the Island has best to offer to its visitors.

Sunrise from Mt. Batur – Just climb the volcano to enjoy the sunrise. This is indeed one of the best experiences you could have. Mount Batur is located on the north part of the Island, and if you want to see the sunrise, start your trek very early in the morning. Reaching the top of Mt. Batur takes about 2:30 hours, and you need to be here in time to look at that incredible sunrise above the clouds.

Pay homage at Tanah Lot Temple – Located at the top of a rock, Tanah Lot is indeed one of the most iconic temples of Bali. Pay respects to the guardian spirits of the sea and enjoy leisure facilities such as cultural parks and temples. Enjoy a dramatic sunset dinner with the most memorable views.

A cruise tour for the day – Another of the major attraction in Bali is to go for a day cruise to explore the neighboring islands. You will love the cooler sea breezes and enjoy a lavish meal on your tour. Admire the views of the coast and harbor and indulge in various activities such as taking pictures, watching dolphins, or enjoying a cultural performance.

Explore Tegallalang rice terraces – You can get some of the best views in Bali at the rice terraces of Tegallalang. Located north, the village of Tegallalang is situated in a deep and lush valley and boasts of many exciting activities for the visitors. One can visit the rice terraces, shop at the roadside stalls and art shops, and enjoy freshly prepared meals at local restaurants. You can trek through the rice fields and meet the local farmers.

Connect with spirituality in Ubud – You must visit Ubud if you want to reconnect with yourself and seek out that inner spirituality within you. There are plenty of activities you can participate in apart from relaxing in a hotel. You can join yoga classes and take advantage of the spa sessions. You can visit the temples nearby or trek the Campuhan Ridge Walk.

A helicopter ride over Bali- Another of the most interesting activity to enjoy on a Bali vacation is to go on a helicopter ride. Enjoy the views of the highland lakes, white beaches, and stepped rice fields below. The ride takes you across those remote beaches, towering cliffs, and old temples in just about two hours and gives you a bird’s eye view of Bali. One can pick different packages based on what they are looking for and enjoy those stunning panoramas.

Go on a safari in Bali Safari & Marine Park- The largest animal theme park, Bali Safari & Marine Park is home to over 60 species. The visitors take a tour of the park and look at the animals in enclosures that look very real and mimic their natural habitats. There is a different section that showcases exotic fish and aquatic life. Plus, there are plenty of amusement park rides here within the park.

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