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Essential Info Before You Travel to Caticlan

Caticlan is located in Aklan province of the Philippines. Although it is popularly seen as the gateway to the world-famous Boracay Beach, there is a lot to do and see here. Take advantage of Manila to Caticlan flight promo offers and book yourself a vacation to this fabulous place. It is ironic that most tourists miss out on those fantastic spots and sites that lie just under their noses.
Those gorgeous white sands and crystal-clear waters are sure to give you a memorable escape as you holiday in Caticlan. Find yourself surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and get ready for an unforgettable vacation on this island.

Although Caticlan is nearer to Boracay Island, flights to Caticlan airport are more expensive. Thus, do not forget to browse for cheap flights promo before you book a flight to this amazing destination. The other airports that are closer to Caticlan are Tablas airport, Roxas City, Kalibo International airport, and Iloilo International airport.

Cheap flight to Caticlan

• Reaching Caticlan is easy, and one can take various transport modes such as buses, ships, and ferries to Caticlan. The hotels are at walking distances from the airport if you fly to Caticlan.
• Once you are in Caticlan, you can take a tricycle to reach your destination or if you want to go to the point of entry to Boracay. Onc can also hire a multi-cab to travel faster and in comfort.
• The best time to visit the island is during the offseason from June to November when the accommodations are cheaper, and there are lesser crowds on the island.

• When on the beaches and near the shoreline, keep in mind that smoking and drinking alcohol are strictly not allowed. Even fire dancing is prohibited.
• Slap on loads of sunscreen and wear sunglasses as you would be out most of the day, and the sun can be hot. Carry bottled water with you to stay hydrated and well protected.
• Book your flights and accommodations for the Caticlan well in advance because of the heavy rush. So, start looking early to avoid last-minute disappointments.
• Food is cheap and affordable, and one can dine in any of those tons of eateries out there in Caticlan. You can also buy your own groceries and cook meals.
• Keep in mind that prostitution is illegal in the Philippines and that if you get caught with a lady or ladyboy, you can face imprisonment.
• Watch out for any Typhoon warnings as the beaches and ports get closed 48 hours before the expected landfall.
Some fun activities to enjoy in Caticlan
• Plan picnics with your family and friends, complete with picnic baskets, beach mats, towels, and more on the beaches.
• Go for a luxurious and relaxing full body massage and pamper yourself. Feel all that tension gets released from your mind and body under the expert fingers of experienced masseurs.
• Caticlan island and its beaches are best known for their glorious sunsets. Get ready to capture those moments with your family, friends, or partner.
• Those who have an interest in scuba diving can take advantage of some of the best diving spots on the island. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, there are spots and locations for everyone.
• A visit to Buruanga Beach is a must, and you will fall in love with this unspoiled beach that offers several fun experiences. At night, you can see those fireflies came out under the full moon.
• Do not miss out on some special shows and colorful performances based on the transgender musical. Talented transvestite put together a spectacular stage show that is simply unforgettable and based on extravagant themes.

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