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Calaguas: Travel Guide 2023, Itinerary, and Budget

13 years ago, around June of 2010, our family went to Calaguas Island in Camarines Norte. We knew by then that the island did not have any resorts or any sort of accommodations yet. That time, we brought our own tents and camping tools, looked for a boatman that could bring us to the island, and cooked our own food. Since there wasn’t anyone living on the island, we also knew that there were no comfort rooms and we had to fetch our water from a ‘poso’ or water pump. Though undeveloped, its beauty and adventure left a huge impact and it had been our most favorite beach of all time.

Yes, since then, ‘Calaguas’ had been the title holder of the best beach, the best island, the best place with the freshest fish, etc. I am not exaggerating, but Mahabang Buhangin of Calaguas Island had captivated the whole fam with its untouched beauty and unspoiled super-duper powdery white sands.

Fast forward to today, imagine how thrilled everyone was when we spontaneously decided to go back to Calaguas.

The Planning

First things first, we googled if it is still safe and okay to go to Calaguas during this season. IMHO, there aren’t a lot of updated travel guides out there on the web (reason why I promised myself I am gonna write one). FYI: The best months to go to Calaguas would be from January to August; it is not advisable to go there from September to December due to unpredictable weather hence bigger waves too during boatride.

How to Get There

Here are the different ways to go to Calaguas Island:

Where to Stay in Paracale or Vinzons

After that long drive from Manila, we spent a night in Daet, Camarines Norte and stayed at Paolo’s Guesthouse.

Visit their official Facebook Page: ||
Contact No.: 09286694336

Hands down for this small bed and breakfast! Why?

  1. It is right along Vinzon’s Avenue – So if you are going to Calaguas via Vinzon’s Port, this inn is the ideal place. The port is just about 5 to 6 minutes drive.
  2. It is literally at a Petron Gas Station – No need to worry if you need to gas up before heading back to Manila. This also means that you do not have to worry if there is parking or not
  3. It is in a Prime Location – Paolo’s Guesthouse is strategically located in the heart of Daet. This make it convenient for the travelers to go to market, church, convenience store, restaurants, etc – all are just a few steps away
  4. It is Decent & Affordable – we were all surprised that for its price of Php1,000 per night (good for 2 to 3 pax), the whole place is pretty decent and clean. The bed and beddings are comfortable too! CR is also clean and includes hot&cold shower.

On the other hand, if your group is planning to take the boat via Paracale Port, you may opt to stay in one of the newest resorts in Paracale – the Gumaus Bay Resort.

Off to Calaguas Island, Baby!

In our 2010 Calaguas Trip, we boarded our boat via Paracale Port. This time, we decided to try Vinzon’s. So our verdict? Though boatride via Vinzon’s Port is longer, the boats are larger and safer. Not to mention, that this time, our Mom had a chill ride and did not panic too. Unlike during our 1st trip to Calaguas, she got too anxious when all of a sudden our small banca got stranded in the middle of nowhere while we were on our way to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas Island.

We decided to rent a private boat instead of a passenger boat. It cost us Php7500 for roundtrip boatride (for a group of 5).
The boat was big (can accommodate approximately 30pax or more)

Where to Stay in Calaguas

Unlike in 2010, there are already commercialized accommodations in Calaguas Island. As of writing, here are the different active beach resorts:

I Love Calaguas Island Resort – the most popular beach resort in Calaguas. They have open & closed cabanas, airconditioned, and family rooms. Travelers may also pitch tent for Php350. Entrance fee per person is Php250.00. They have 2Day-1Night and 3Day-2Night packages which you may inquire for via their Facebook Page: Pros: Instagrammable; the cabanas looked really good in photos Cons: Since it is the most popular resort, expect an influx of travelers; comfort/shower rooms get too dirty during peak season/weekends

Closed Cabanas at I Love Calaguas Resort for Php4,500.00/night good for 5 to 6 pax (fan room, no electricity from 6AM-6PM)
Family/Barkada Airconditioned Rooms at I Love Calaguas Resort
Php12,000/night good for 5 to 6 pax or more as long as can fit on the available bed. Extra bed costs Php500

Calaguas White Sand Resort – quite a high-end beach resort in Calaguas. Accommodation rate is always computed per pax. You may visit their website for complete list of their rooms and amenities

Calaguas Paradise Resort – the most affordable beach resort in the island. They have open & closed cabanas, bamboo cottages, and glamping set up too. You may visit their Facebook Page for more details:

Where to Eat in Calaguas

You may avail Calaguas Tour Packages which already include 3 meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You may also buy seafoods and have it cooked for a minimal fee. Another option is to bring your own food.

Got all of these freshly catch lobsters and crabs for Php1,000 only

What to Do in Calaguas

Calaguas Island is nestled off the coast of Camarines Norte. Calaguas is actually a group of four islands, and around 11-12 islets in the Pacific. Tinaga Island which is named Mahabang Buhangin by the locals has the most favored white sand beach shore. Mahabang Buhangin, from its name, is a long strip of fine white sand with rocks on both ends and a hill on the left side.
Mahabang Buhangin is the crown jewel of Calaguas. It is known for its powdery white sands and turquoise water
Though a lot has changed in Calaguas, one thing remained the same – it is still one of the best places to watch the stars at night
Creating core memory for my 60-year-old Mama – first time to try trekking and she liked it!
We watched the sunrise on top of a hill in Balagbag Island


Small sari-sari stores in front of I Love Calaguas Resort
Got so lucky! We got a covered parking space for our Pio (Php250 for an overnight parking)
Tourists may use the comfort/shower rooms at Vinzons Port. Rates are as follows: Php5 for Peeing/Dressing Up, Php10 for Pooping, and Php20 for Showering


Download and save this Calaguas Travel Guide!

Calaguas 2010 vs Calaguas 2023

As I have mentioned in the first part of this blog post, we were able to visit Calaguas back in the days when there were no commercial establishments yet and when there were no need for travel tours/agencies yet. We can never forget that magical feeling when we were all mesmerized as we set foot on Mahabang Buhangin Beach back then – the water was so clear and definitely did not need neither filter nor edit. Our Calaguas Trip this year was not that good – probably because we are all 13 years older and no longer that adventurous or maybe because somehow we are saddened by the big changes that have occurred since our last visit. Calaguas Island has understandably gained popularity and attracted visitors seeking its unspoiled beauty. However, while it is heartwarming to see this hidden paradise appreciated over the years, our whole fam yearns for the untouched paradise of yesteryears. While the island has evolved, the memories of that legit unspoiled Calaguas will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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