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What to Do and Where to Go in the Philippines During Rainy Season

Our supposed-to-be trip to Baguio over the weekend was cancelled due to typhoon Ineng; Kenon Road has been closed to traffic since Friday due to reported landslides. Yes, it was quite disappointing at first but cancellation of out-of-town trips seems to be a normal thing during rainy season.This usually happens to ensure the safety of …


Itinerary for a 5 Day-4 Night Cebu-Bohol Trip: Your Travel Guide for an P8000 All-Adventure-Packed-Getaway

Yes, it’s possible. Here’s how: How to Get to Cebu City:Easiest and fastest way to get to the Queen City of the South is through direct flights. You can check the following airlines for your references of schedules and rates: Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, Philippine Airlines, or AirPhil Express. It is advisable to purchase plane …


Defying Gravity and Heartbreak at The Plunge Danao

Okay, Let’s talk about Love on my blog. Haha Kidding. But just a precautionary measure, you can click the “x” button at the right top corner of the screen, if ever that I slip and got too emotional. Yeah, this run-for-your-lives-advice is highly recommended for those allergic with love, cheesiness, mushiness, or being affectionate on …