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Aldub's 'Tamang Panahon': 'Kilig' Photos and Videos at Philippine Arena

October 24 is totally a day filled with happiness and good vibes as thousands of #AlDub fans gather at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. Philippine Arena is considered as the World’s Largest Indoor Arena. Built in a 140-hectare tourism enterprise zone, Philippine Arena has a maximum capacity of 55,000 people. Alright, enough of Philippine Arena …


Philippine Travel Events 2015: Schedule of Travel Bazaars, 2015 Festivals, Church Events, Etc.

It has been more fun in the Philippines last year with our country’s success in showing the whole world that – “It’s More Fun in the Philippines”. This year, 2015, DOT’s looking forward to attract about 10 million tourists to visit our country with its new theme/slogan, “Visit the Philippines 2015”. For your reference, here’s …