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2012 Travels: Chasing Places Like It's the End of the World

Top Destinations for 2012, Top Philippine Getaways 2012, Top 10 Domestic and International Trips – Sure, in a few days time, your timeline will be bombarded with these tag lines, promise. But hey, they say, 2012 is different; some people say that it’s the End of the World (it didn’t happened yesterday though). But I …


On Chasing Crater and New Friends: Conquering Mount Pinatubo with the Pinoy Travel Bloggers

I have been dying to go to Mount Pinatubo ever since it has been opened to the public and was tagged as the newest tourist spot in our country. With my determination to settle this long-time craving, plans and itineraries have been laid out; I even tried to organize a trek to this crater last …