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Philippines' First Flying Adventure: Trampoline Park is Coming Soon!

The global phenomena of ‘Trampoline Parks’ is finally arriving to the Philippines! What are Trampoline Parks? Simply put β€” giant warehouses filled with dozens of trampoline β€œmatts” that stretch from wall-to-wall and are connected to form one huge surface which is enclosed with padded side walls and angled trampolines – allowing you to jump, fly …


#Hugots on the Road: Braving Manila's Worst Traffic with Feelings

For the past week, I heard a lot of traffic terror stories; the usual 1 hour travel time took 3.5 to 6 hours. And yes, it was traumatizing and totally such a waste of time. Someone said before that, “Traffic is not fatal” or “Hindi nakakamatay ang traffic.” Haven’t this person learned about what Sottie …