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The Road to Mount Banoy: Travel Guide with Sidetrip to Talumpok Falls

This is another spontaneous trip with my cool friends at work.A trip we consider as a continuation of our Operation Palaboy.Hmmm… No itineraries and concrete plan, really.We just wanted to chill. OPERATION PALABOY 2: MOUNT BANOYMount Banoy is located at Lobo, Batangas and is considered a minor climb with a difficulty level of 3/9. Major …


Mount Maculot: Rockin' the Rockies in a Day (Your Complete Dayhike Travel Guide)

After all the 17 kilos I gained last Holiday Season, I decided to go out again and stop my blossoming love affair with our dining table and refrigerator; to burn off the fats, I decided to have a Dayhike to Mount Maculot. My 1st Climb for 2013 – Mount Maculot, Cuenca, Batangas Mount Maculot is …


On Chasing Crater and New Friends: Conquering Mount Pinatubo with the Pinoy Travel Bloggers

I have been dying to go to Mount Pinatubo ever since it has been opened to the public and was tagged as the newest tourist spot in our country. With my determination to settle this long-time craving, plans and itineraries have been laid out; I even tried to organize a trek to this crater last …